The campus, situated in one of the greenest parts of South Delhi easily accessible by the metro, houses some of the most innovative and forward thinking social impact entities in India. It offers an acre of space for collaborative working, a perfect opportunity for sharing of knowledge and collective ideation between impact driven individuals. The various entities housed at the campus work on different innovation challenges across different domains but employ similar structured approaches to user centered innovation. The Campus plays routine hosts to a variety of events including Pecha Kucha Nights, Design Public Conclaves, Open Data Camp, Startup Weekend, and the forthcoming SIX Summer School 2015. The Campus is one of the biggest hubs for innovative thinking in India and routinely plays host to several events that attract leading industry experts, young entrepreneurs, innovators, designers, and thought leaders.
Member Organisations
Established in 2002, CKS is an innovation consulting practice which helps organizations systematically develop products, services, and systems, that are relevant and meaningful for their end users, based on an understanding of user needs and motivations. Our structured approach to user-centered innovation has helped corporates, non-profits and governing organisations in emerging economies all over the world. Our cross sectoral working expertise spans across healthcare, financial products and services, education, IT and telecom, consumer durable, and agriculture. Some of our key clientele includes organisations like Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Grameen Foundation, USAID, LIRNEasia, Nokia, Intel, Vodafone, Samsung, Google, Telenor, EKO, Asian Paint, Whirlpool, Tata Motors, GE, Volkswagen, Renault, Boeing and OLX.
Adianta School is an institution geared towards building a new method to educate social entrepreneurs. Our aim is to affect an attitudinal shift in the perception of the Indian education industry. We would also like to change the way Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Innovation skills are understood and imparted in the long run. We are based out of New Delhi and are trying to reach out to a global community through our pedagogic approach and international outreach efforts. Our 9 grid curriculum which has not been attempted before is designed to expose the student to nine core leadership practices across the three pillars of innovation, entrepreneurship and leadership. Our students don't just passively learn these skills. They actively do them through real-world projects, studio workshops and industry-sponsored internships and challenges. Some of our national and international partners are TIE, Social Innovation Exchange, NESTA UK, TU Delft, and Center for Knowledge Societies. We offer scholarships in partnership with The Morpheus, Read Alliance (USAID), and Bihar Innovation Lab (BMGF).
The Startup Tunnel, conceptualized in 2014 by Center for Knowledge Societies and Adianta School of Leadership and Innovation, is an early stage incubator that serves as a launchpad for powerful ideas to take shape. It provides mentorship to passionate teams working on game changing ideas to enhance their capabilities in product development, user experience, user interface, and other design and strategy to give their startup an edge and a leg up. STun works with startups in various sectors such as, mobile technology, alternative energy, governance, financial services, education and health. Apart from the mentorship, the 3 month incubation program provides startups with access to our mentors, networks and events. STun also offers a six week Startup Operations mini-course to help you understand how to conceptualize your endgame, how to seek and accept seed funding, and how to better design your business.
The READ Alliance is a USAID funded project which is being managed by CKS Consulting. It focuses on the development and promotion of reading amongst Indian children in the age group of 3 – 12 years. In five years READ hopes to have helped more than 5 million kids to have improved reading outcomes by fuelling new collaborations and scaling of high-impact innovations. READ alliance aims to create a pan India platform that enables sharing of the resources, data and networks. READ Alliance encourages adoption of innovation-driven approach to solve the challenge of reading in India by inviting partners to develop a platform that brings stakeholders from social, corporate and government sector together.
The Bihar Innovation Lab, launched in 2014, is a first-of-its-kind collaborative initiative of Center for Knowledge Societies and Ananya Partners, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with an aim to use a citizen-centered approach to service design and apply it to address the critical and hitherto unresolved Public Health (MCH) challenges of Bihar. The Lab has a mandate to (1) Design, develop and test high-impact health innovations, (2) Identify and evaluate latent yet critical public health challenges, and innovation opportunities collaboratively with key stakeholders (3) Educate as well as orient members of the Bihar health cadre to innovation processes, vis-a-vis a web ideas knowledge bank, so that they are better prepared to incorporate these and other innovation outcomes into their work and can initiate innovation activities independently. The Lab's greater purpose is to envision and develop a system-wide public health service delivery model based on user-centered thinking.
CivicLabs is the newest entrant to the Vihara Innovation Network. It is a platform that brings together systems innovation, data technologies and entrepreneurship to catalyze the birth of a new breed of enterprises - the Civic Enterprise - dedicated to innovation in urban public service delivery. Drawing on increasing civic participation in political processes over the last few years, CivicLabs was conceptualized through a series of dialogues among representatives from development agencies, think-tanks, government, political parties, researchers, urbanists and other enthusiasts, held in 2014. Through two flagship programs CivicLabs Fellowship and CivicLabs Entrepreneur-in-Residence, CivicLabs will identify systemic challenges, areas of opportunities and entrepreneurial interventions in the areas of healthcare, education, waste management, water, pollution, transport and traffic. Enterprises arising out of these processes will be incubated through the start-up tunnel with visibility to relevant government agencies.
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